If you sell, install or manufacture double glazing products and are thinking of getting a new website, you’ve come to the right place. Our sites are geared up to showcase your products in the clearest, most appealing way possible – we know how because we’re not just web designers, we’re web designers with experience in your industry.

That means we understand what you’re selling, as well as what you need and what you don’t need from your site.

We also understand that double glazing is very competitive. Luckily, there’s a solution: stand out from the pack with a great-looking website.

Most of our clients know little about computers and the internet – and they don’t need to. They leave it all to us. We couldn’t make it easier – all you have to decide is what you want to put on show and we do the rest.



Great Designs

Great Designs

Choose one of our fresh, modern layouts, customise it if you like, let us add some content and then sit back and let the customers come calling.

Full package

Full package

All stages of the process, from buying your website’s name to building it and sending it live.



Google gets angry if your site isn’t updated for lengthy periods. Our update service helps to keep the content fresh and remove anything that is out of date. Result: calm Google.


All websites designed to work on Mobiles and Tablets


Our clients are very important to us and we have worked for many of them for a number of years.




We're here to help you develop your business

Web design

Choose from our great-looking designs. You can decide what you would like the site to look like. You can even go in and edit or add to the content.

But there’s one feature we think’s really amazing: responsive design. “Responsive” means your site automatically adapts to fit neatly on whatever device the visitor is looking at, whether it’s a computer screen, smartphone or tablet.

Website owners pay a lot of money to have their sites adapted with this functionality… but you’ll get it as part of the service right from the word go. And given that around 40 per cent of web time is now spent on mobile devices, this is not to be underestimated as a sales tool.

Not all your competitors will have responsive design, and that means anyone trying to look at their site on a mobile device will probably just give up and click away. Their loss can be your gain.

Website Audit

It’s one thing to set up a website but it’s another thing entirely to ensure it gets seen by a lot of people. There are many things to get right, and a great many pitfalls to be avoided. Our website audit is a very thorough process that looks at everything from nitty-gritty coding to things like quality of content and images.

Just some of the things we inspect for you:

Search-ability. Just because you sell great windows doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone googling “double glazing” in your area is going to find you.

Regularly updated content.

Social media. Most firms dabble with social media because it seems easy – but few do it well. We can tell you if you’re using it effectively to promote your site.

Errors, speed, accessibility and more. It’s easy for websites to develop technical problems that you’re not even aware of, but luckily we love sorting out technical stuff and making your site run smoother.

And if you take out one of our support packages, we’ll do all these things for you each month.

Support Packages

For just £100 per month we can run vital checks on your site to ensure it’s running smoothly. The service includes:

Updating content, typically supplied by you.

Improving web search ranking with agreed search terms.

Telephone/email support regarding website enquiries.

Changing the layout of your site when necessary.

Keeping an eye on the amount of traffic and any “downtime”.

Offering advice on how to improve your website’s visibility on the net.

One of the things that search engines keep an eye on is how often your website is updated with new content. If it’s too infrequent you may well be marked down and appear lower in their results. But with our package we’ll let you know if you’re in danger so that you, or we, can add some appropriate new material.

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